What to pack for your Costa Rica vacation!

November 09, 2018

What to pack for your Costa Rica vacation!

The countdown is on! This time next #FelizFriday I'll be back in Pura Vidadise, chasing sunsets and dancing with warm waves. I'm sorry, but not really...because you should totally come to Costa Rica too! So now that we've got that settled and you're buying your plane ticket tonight, all you need to do is pack + I'll see ya in Costa Rica oh-so-soon!

"But wait just a minute Kristen, what should I pack for my Costa Rica vacation?"... 

Aerial image of surfer on the beach in Nosara Costa Rica. Salt & Water aerial beach print photographed by Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.


Lucky you, because after living in Costa Rica for six years and going back + forth several times a year, I've got this "what to really pack for Costa Rica thing down."

What to pack for your Costa Rica vacation!

  1. Rain jacket 
    Especially if you're headed up to the volcanoes and cloud forest and always recommended during rainy season!
  2. Moisture wicking long (yoga) pants and long sleeve shirt
    Great not only for the plane, but also for visiting the volcanoes and if the AC in your hotel room is too cold!
  3. Natural bug spray 
    Overall, the mosquitosin Tamarindo are not bad at all, but better to keep those annoying bugs away. I use 
    Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent.
  4. Reef safe sunscreen
    This is a MUST! Sunscreen in Costa Rica is expensive - - 2-3x the price! For your face, I highly recommend Shade. It’s the only SPF I will put on my face when I surf. It’s all mineral, reef safe, oil free, fragrance free, high water resistance, no migration (not going to get in your eyes!), and chemical UV filter free.
  5. HydroFlask water bottle
    Avoid spending way too much on water at the airport and bring a reusable water bottle. I LOVE my HydroFlask - - it keeps cold water COLD for hours and is perfect to stay refreshed in hot Costa Rica. 
  6. Running Shoes / Closed Toe Shoes
    For hiking, ziplining, and ATV tours.
  7. Bikini / board shorts that stays on during your surf lesson AND a rash guard
    I’ve tested pretty much every bikini and rashguard out there for surfing and my top choices are MI OLA, Dkoko, and Seea. If you really want to protect your skin, grab a pair of cute surf leggings as well!
  8. Beach hat and sunglasses
    Costa Rica is located 10 degrees north of the Equator = the sun rays are intense!

Want even more Costa Rica tips? Check out all my insider Costa Ria knowledge on The Sunset Blog! 


Palm trees at the beach in Nosara Costa Rica (Playa Guiones). Photographed by Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

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