Angela + Justin brought sunset inside + you can too!

May 14, 2021

Do you have a blank space on your wall that’s begging for some sunset magic? 😍🌅🖼

But you need the artwork to be custom sized? And you’re stuck deciding which sunset photo to hang?

I can help with that!

*(Click this image below!)* 

Unboxing Instagram Reel of "Where the Sky Meets the Sea" sunset canvas print at Angel del Mar in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

For example, Justin, Angela, and I worked together to pick out “Where the Sky Meets the Sea” sized at a custom sized 50”x50” canvas print for their gorgeous new home here in Costa Rica. How perfect is this canvas print in their home?!

So if you need any help picking I print, I'm here to help! Email me, DM me on Instagram, or let's chat in the lineup...I'm stoked to help you bring a piece of sunset magic in your home!

P.S. If you haven't clicked the image above yet, I promise you it leads to a video that includes one breathtaking ocean sunset view! 😍🌅

P u r a   V i d a,





P.P. S. Do you have questions or need help picking the best photo prints to hang in your home?

Click here to read more of my design tips, check out the highlights in my Instagram stories "🖼Design Tips", or feel free to email me and ask away!


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