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Giving Back to Mother Nature

1% for the planet proud member Samba to the Sea and The Sunset Shop

We live in one magical planet called Earth and we need to keep her magical. 

Because what would hiking to the top a mountain be if there were no trees left to wander through?

Can you imagine a life where you had to wear a mask over your face to simply walk outside because the air quality was so bad + the smog so thick that it masked every single (literal) breathtaking sunset and sunrise sky?!?! 

And what would surfing be if the waves were full of a sea of grocery bags and plastic water bottles? 

But what if every single one of us human beings took one small action to help keep our Earth beautiful?

Like using a re-usable shopping bag instead of a single use plastic bag, recycling, or not leaving lights on? Can you imagine how all those single actions could snowball and manifest into a powerful collective effort? Because when you start with one simple step, it get’s easier and easier to take bigger steps. 

For example, my parents taught me the importance of recycling from a very young age. Now as an adult, I continue to recycle, and I’ve also learned the importance of composting my food scraps, walking or biking as much as possible, and picking up trash during my beach walks with Gidget. All such simple, but impactful actions that help our planet.

AND that's why I'm proud to say that my business, Samba to the Sea LLC , is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an awesome environmental non-profit organization that works hard to make sure that funds are allocated to help protect + keep  Mother Nature magical!

1% for the planet proud member Samba to the Sea and The Sunset Shop

As a proud member, 1% of my GROSS revenues are donated to this amazing organization!!! This organization was co-founded by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia — the legit of the legit Earth friendly businesses! 

So I have one question for you — what is one simple thing you can pledge to do TODAY to help keep our Earth, our home, beautiful?? 


Pura Vida,