How bad is rainy season in Costa Rica?

Did you know that I prefer rainy season vs dry season in Costa Rica? If you're an avid #FelizFriday reader, then you're most likely nodding your head and saying,"Yessssss Kristen!" Since rainy season in Costa Rica just started, let's talk about why I love rainy season so much andwhy you shouldn't fear traveling to Costa Rica during rainy season! In other words, how bad israiny season in Costa Rica?


First, let's cover the basics of Costa Rica's rainy season on the Pacific Coast (where I'm located):

  • Rainy season on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is from the beginning of May to the end of November,  with the heaviest rains in September and October.
  • Rainy season is always on Pura Vida time -- or in other words, it is almost impossible to predict the rain a couple days out, nonetheless a couple hours before a planned activity! 
  • During rainy season in Tamarindo, there usually will be a passing afternoon rain shower...very similar to fast moving rain/thunderstorms in the South of the US.
  • Temperatures during rainy season are also much more pleasant (low to high 80s), but with the rain comes more humidity.
  • Rainy season in Costa Rica is considered "winter" and dry season is "summer" -- quite confusing at first since Costa Rica is located north of the Equator and does not follow the standard hemisphere seasons. 
  • The weather forecast during rainy season is rain every day, but it rarely rains every day (except for today 🙈!). In fact, the weather app on your phone will tell you it’s raining outside when it's actually sunny out + there isn't a rain drop in sight! 🤔

So why do I love rainy season so much? 

  • Rainy seasons = a very lush, green landscape to photograph! Once the rains start, it takes about two weeks for the Earth to come alive again with new vegetation.  
  • Since it's "low season", the surf breaks and towns are much quieter AND it's not as hot out!
  • Rainy season = magical sunset season. It also produces some of the most beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica, with dramatic clouds and magical colors....yasssssss! 🌅🌅🌅🌅


Serene sunset pastel blue and pink sunset sky over the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. "Candy Land" photographed by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop.


Most importantly, why shouldn't you fear traveling to Costa Rica during rainy season?

  • Although rainy season can be unpredictable, it rarely rains all day, every day. With typical passing afternoon rain showers, you can plan outdoor activities during the morning without worrying about being rained out.
  • Rainy season means ‘low season’ - - popular destinations are much quieter (less tourists) and prices of accommodation tend to be lower.
  • ANDDDDDD did I mention the sunsets during rainy season are GORGEOUS?!?! 😍🌅


Horses on the beach during a beautiful golden sunset in Costa Rica. Photographed by Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

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To learn more about rainy season:
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Pura Vida,


Don't fear rainy season in Costa Rica by Kristen M Brown of Samba to the Sea.

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