What is rainy season in Costa Rica?

June 08, 2018

Puffy rain clouds and shimmering ocean water, oh-my! This past week in Tamarindo, Mother Nature sure has been putting on a show with her rainy season beauty -- I'm talking about shimmering, crystal clear watercolor shades of ocean blue + green AND rain clouds glowing at sunset. Yes, it was that magical and I-may-or-may-not-have commented to my surf buddy while out surfing about 100+ times how beautiful the water was and how much I loved it. Just look at the colors of the water in this aerial photo of Tamarindo!!! 😍😍😍😍

Aerial image of the the beach in Tamarindo Costa Rica. Drone image of turquoise ocean water and surfers. Aerial beach print by Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop.
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But what the heck do I mean when I say rainy season? Does rainy season mean it rains every day, all day? And how long does rainy season in Costa Rica last? Let's get to it!

Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Rainy season on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is from the beginning of May to the end of November. During rainy season in Tamarindo, there usually will be a passing afternoon rain shower, which means a very lush, green landscape!


    • September and October are the rainiest months on the Pacific Side of Costa Rica, with a much greater chance of rain and more overall rainfall. Some weeks are much rainier than others, it’s all about luck!

    • Rainy season means ‘low season’ - - popular destinations are much quieter (less tourists) and prices of accommodation tend to be lower.

    • Rainy season also produces some of the most beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica, with dramatic clouds and magical colors -- AKA my favorite time of year!

      Rain Magic sunset print by Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop. Image is a rain shower passing over the horizon during a golden sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. ⬆️--> SHOP "Green Season"<— ⬆️

    • Temperatures during rainy season are also much more pleasant (low to high 80s), but with the rain means more humidity.

    • The one downside to rainy season is the unpredictable nature of the rain. Since there isn’t a local weather forecasting service (no local radar to let us know exactly where and how fast a rain shower is traveling), it is almost impossible to predict the rain a couple days out, nonetheless a couple hours before a planned activity!!


Pink palm trees sunset in Tamarindo Costa Rica. Palm trees sunset photographed by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.
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P.S. Did you know today is World Ocean's Day, and more importantly, eight million tons of plastic end up in oceans annually? What's worse is that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) has 6 times more plastic than previously estimated - - 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, weighing 80,000 metric tons, the equivalent of 500 jumbo jets?!?! 

Can you imagine surfing or swimming in the ocean with plastic all around you? If we continue to use plastics at the current rate, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!!! There definitely is nothing like enjoying a sunset on your surfboard with plastic surrounding you...

Surf Amor. Surfer couple watching sunset on their surfboards in Tamarindo Costa Rica. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.
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We need to protect our beautiful planet -- make a pledge today to reduce your use of plastics, recycle, and be kinder to our environment!!! I always have an insulated, re-usable water bottle on me and I walk or ride my bike to the beach every day!

Female surfer on the beach in Tamarindo Costa Rica. MI OLA bikini, Schwinn bike, Chihuahua in a Nantucket bike basket, surfboard rack on bike, Ricky Carroll surfboard Super Con Ugly. Kristen M. Brown for Samba to the Sea.


Pura Vida,
Kristen #sunsetchaser

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