Have you ever seen pink rain?


Did you know that it can rain pink?

Nope, I promise I'm not pulling your leg!

In fact, I had no clue about pink rain until I witnessed this magical sight a couple of years ago...and let me tell ya, my jaw dropped straight down into the warm Costa Rican sand!

--> Saltwater Paradise <--

So how does rain turn pink???

The simple answer is sunset of course! 

The more detailed answer involves a couple of very important ingredients that have to align at the exact same time...like a rain squall on the western horizon, clear weather where you are standing, all happening right before sunset!

In other words, as the sun starts to descend in the sky, the light from the sun reflects through the rain drops in the squall, causing this pink glow!

--> Buenos Dias Miami <--

OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeee is right!

Happy sunset chasing this weekend my fellow #sunsetchasers -- and if you happen to find yourself I the perfect spot to witness the rain turn pink, send me pics!!! 

--> Magic Wings <--

P u r a   V i d a,





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