What if...?

September 25, 2020


What if…?

What if you hadn’t kept that New Year’s resolution?

What if you hadn’t booked that on a whim vacation?

What if you didn’t quit that job that gave you anxiety?

What if you knew you were going to make mistakes, but did it anyway?

What if...?

--> DIOSA DEL MAR (Goddess of the Sea) <--


If you're like me, you're usually so focused on your goals -- the big picture -- that you forget to take time to look back + celebrate the beauty in the breakdown. You know, those "What if...?" moments. 

So today, I'm celebrating my eight year #lifeafterciti anniversary...because eight years ago this past Monday, I left my corporate job in NYC, said goodbye to the Big Apple, and embarked upon my Costa Rica journey. How those eight years have flown by, but at the same time how those eight years have been so abundantly full of a life that I’m 100% the author of.

So in honor of those eight years, I’m counting down my top 8 (in no particular order) from the past 8 years! 

1. Chased over 1,000 sunsets,
2. Bought a home,
3. Started a photography business,
4. Published in Harper’s Bazaar,
5. Launched The Sunset Shop,
6. Gidget adopted me,
7. Learned to surf…and hang 10,
8. Connected with you -- thank you + muchisimas gracias -- I'm so thankful for you!!!

And my best piece of advice from those past eight years???

Trust the magic of new beginnings and those "What if's...?".

It can lead you down a path that’s more colorful and fulfilling than you ever could have imagined. 💫🤙🏻 

And P.S....
This is what happens when you try to model your new Sunset Chaser tee -- with the self timer on your iPhone -- that's propped up on a bar stool -- with three cardboard boxes -- in 90 degree heat...peace, sweat, and a whole lot of laughing!


P u r a   V i d a,



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