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You don't have to say goodbye to summer...

September 07, 2018 2 min read


Wait a minute…how did the summer fly by so fast and how is it September already?! Does anyone have a magic button for slowing down time?! If you're like me and summer is your favorite season, with sunshine filled beach days, backyard BBQs, and the sun setting at 8PM, then saying goodbye to summer is always somber. (OK, I may have been in Costa Rica almost all summer...BUT, I'm still sad to see summer go, especially since Señorita Gidget and I are headed back to the US next week for our fall trip!)

But what if you could have a never ending summer???

Or how about your own beach escape right in your home???

There's nothing better than ending your day with a surf and a beautiful sunset in Costa Rica. Surfer print by Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop.
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If you answered yes to either or both of the above, then I definitely can help..in more ways then one! Besides sunset + beach prints to help you fall back into your summer day dream at The Sunset Shop, did you know I can personally help you pick out the best print(s) for your space? 

--> Heck yea, you read that right!!!

Between Two Palms sunset print by Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop. Image of a surfer walking on the beach during a stunning sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

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Because sunset analysis paralysis is definitely a thing, even for me! There just are too many magical sunsets and not enough wall space in mi casa to hang all of my sunset photos! I know, I know...it’s not a bad problem to have, BUTTTTT if you’re like me and are having trouble picking out a sunset or beach photo to hang in your casa from The Sunset Shop, I’m here to help!!!!

I'd absolutely LOVE to work with you to pick out the best print to go in your space, from sizing to colors 😍🌅😍!

Just like these two prints here that were selected to perfectly bring pops of color to Wendy’s NYC apartment AND a ‘lil slice of Pura Vidadise with sunset magic and dreamy waves. How gorgeous are “Creamsicle Magic” and “Gone Surfin”paired together?! 

Coastal decor and sunset beach prints in Costa Rica. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown Samba to the Sea.

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Click here to email me + let's chat about picking out a print for your home! 


When the sunset looks like a painting and reflected perfectly like a mirror off the wet sand! Beautiful pink, purple, and turquoise blue sunset sky and reflections off the beach in Tamarindo Costa Rica. "Paint the Sky" sunset print by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop.
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ANDDDDDD one last thing! There will be no #FelizFriday next week as Señorita Gidget and I will be jaunting around NYC!  In addition to the NYC area, our travel itinerary includes is Miami, Savannah-Charleston-Jacksonville, Seattle, Portland, the Oregon Coast…and maybe some spur of the moment trips too! If you have any Pacific Northwest tips + recommendations, send ‘em my way (I was out in SEA and PDX last year and LOVED it!). BUTTTTTTT, that also means I’ll be catching as many waves and chasing as many sunsets as I can to really fill up my wave and sunset wave banks for when I’m away from this ‘lil slice or Pura Vidadise!

Surfer girl hanging ten in Tamarindo Costa Rica.

Look mom, no hands!!! Getting all those little 10 toes on the nose yewwwwww 🏄‍♀️🌊🤙🏻 ...and it’s only taken almost six years...🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Muchas gracias @sand_and_grease_photo for the awesome photo!!

Pura Vida,

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