Work from home office inspiration: How to have beach vibes while you work!

September 10, 2021

I have a confession...

Even though it’s been almost 9 years, I still have jitters of working in my drab cubicle on the 24th floor in NYC.

I was always trying to brighten up my gray space with artwork — which definitely made my cubicle stand out because in the world of banking, a gray cubicle is status quo!

BUT, had I still been working in banking 9 years later…I’d imagine I would've hired Lindsay from Sincerely Lindsay Design Co. to create my very own backyard, work from home office to work from (thanks to the 'Rona) just like this...

Work from home office with all the beach vibes. Lindsay from Sincerely Lindsay Design Co. created a dreamy backyard office space with the help of sunset and beach photo wall art photographed by Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea. Beach photo prints available at The Sunset Shop.


Ok, the walls probably would have been an ocean blue vs blush pink (no offense pink, I just love blues more!), but the artwork definitely would have been bright, vibrant, and all the feels of a beach vacation!


Bougainvillea flower wall art. Vibrant Bougainvillea blooming over a white wall and black iron gate. You can’t help but smell the ocean air and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin with one glance at this gorgeous blooming Bougainvillea in vibrants shades of pink, magenta, and yellow. Welcome back to your tropical paradise. "Bloom Baby Bloom" blooming Bougainvillea print by Samba to the Sea.

📷Bloom Baby Bloom


So if you're still working from home because of the 'Rona, how about this for a silver lining....

You don't have to worry about “fitting in” with all the other gray cubicles at work with your home office setup.

With flexible working arrangements catching on with employers, it's time to really make your home office space your own! 
Say goodbye to that drab office cubicle, and upgrade your work from home office situation by saying hola to your happy place beach vibes while you work

Sunset palm tree photo print. Beautiful palm tree silhouette with an ombre sunset sky over the ocean in Costa Rica. Photographed by Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

📷Tropical Sol

P.S. And yes, a beachy home office upgrade is total permission to make a rum punch during lunch once in a while — I promise that your secret is safe with me!

P.P.S. Lindsay's home office was not only featured on CBC Vancouver, but also CTV! Congrats Lindsay! See CTV segment below:

P u r a   V i d a,





P.P.S. Do you have questions or need help picking the best photo prints to hang in your home?

Click here to read more of my design tips, check out the highlights in my Instagram stories "🖼Design Tips", or feel free to email me and ask away!

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