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What is Semana Santa in Costa Rica?

April 19, 2019

What is Semana Santa in Costa Rica?

Batten down the hatches at the beaches, because it's Semana Santa here in Costa Rica.

Semana whattttttt?!?!

In English, it's Holy Week or Easter week. And Semana Santa in Costa Rica is one of the country's two major vacation times (the other being Christmas). Costa Ricans (Ticos) flock to the beaches for rest, relaxation...and a whole lot of partying! Thursday and Friday of Semana Santa (Holy Thursday and Good Friday) are national holidays AND ironically enough, these two days are "dry" -- no alcoholic beverages can be sold! (But you can still drink these days if you planned ahead and stocked up...😂😂😂). 

In addition to what seems as the whole country visiting the beaches during Semana Santa, it's also a popular tourist vacation week for foreigners. This influx in demand creates high prices and low availability. The beaches are packed and the traffic is insane. Bottom line, don't visit the beaches in Costa Rica during Semana Santa...or be prepared to hunker down and enjoy time in your rental home, hotel, or AirBnB!

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So what am I doing this Semana Santa?
Don't get me wrong. I love Costa Rica, but I don't love the craziness that Semana Santa brings...especially here in Tamarindo, one of Costa Rica's main beach towns. The past couple of years I have planned trips to the US during Semana Santa, but this year didn't work with my schedule. Instead of hunkering down and potentially running the risk of Tamarindo losing electricity or running out of water (hey, it's the end of dry season and there are too many people in town right now), I've escape up to the mountains in the capital of San Jose! Typically San Jose is traffic snarled, but this week is just perfect as everyone is down at the beaches! 


Pura Vida,

What is Semana Santa in Costa Rica? Click here to find out why you should not visit during Semana Santa - Easter Week in Costa Rica. By Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea.

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