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Say hola to the shelfies!

December 07, 2018 2 min read

Just like that, we're in December...when and how did that happen?! And by now, you most likely know that,

A) I love sunsets...OK, maybe slightly obsessed?!,
B) I love surfing as much as I love sunsets,
C) And I LOVE my dog Gidget...that is when she's not immersing herself into a bag of garbage like she did yesterday...🙈.

But did you know I only started surfing when I took my first surf lesson at 25 and only seriously started pursuing photography a little over three years ago? Yep, muchas gracias to that quarter life crisis for hinting that I needed to change things up a 'lil...or a whole lot!!!

Surfer girl Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea.

So what's the take away in this little spiel? You are the only one in charge of the way you want to live your life, so you might as well live it 100%!!! Ok, unless you're reading this from a jail cell or trapped on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the ocean...

And in the spirit of living life 100% and less time spent in the mall shopping for the perfect holiday gift for the beach lover in your life (because if you're like me, you'd rather be surfing or getting outdoors than shopping in the mall..especially during the holidays...), how about one click shopping with mybrand spankin' new product collaboration with Art To Frame (insert drum roll)....

🎉🎉 The Shelfies!!! 🎉🎉 

What's a shelfie you ask? A breathtaking 5"x5" fine art beach or sunset print from The Sunset Shop framed in a beautiful satin white frame, perfect for the beach lover in your life -- or you!!! Shelfies are great to style on a shelf, hang on a gallery wall, or stand alone on a desk. đŸ™ŒđŸ»

AND for just for this holiday season, the shelfies are at a perfect price point for holiday gifts - $50 shipped directly to your loved one (or to you)! Add gift wrapping for $5 and your holiday shopping is oh-so-easy!!! But, hurry on up because once the holidays are over, so is this special holiday price on these dreamy shelfies (going up to $65...😼).

Magical sunset / beach / mountain print + beautiful frame + gift wrapped 
you'll be the best gift giver this holiday season!


Surfer sunset shelfie print on open shelving. Surfer walking on the beach during a beautiful sunset in Costa Rica. Sunset surfer print by Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop. “Where the Sky Meets the Sea” surfer sunset print by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea. Styled by Southern Mesa Trading.

BUY "Where the Sky Meets the Sea - Framed Shelfie Print"
Styled by Christina @southernmesatrading

ANDDDDDD if you have a mountain lover in your life, I've got you covered there too with some breathtaking prints from my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest! 


Mountain sunset shelfie print on open shelving in a beautiful kitchen. Pastel pink sunset sky over the Columbia Rive Gorge in Oregon. Sunset sky over the mountain ridge in Oregon. "Room At the Top" pastel sunset print by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea. Style by Girl and Grey.

BUY "Room at the Top - Framed Shelfie Print"
Styled by Courtney @girlandgrey


--> SHOP the Shelfies!! <-- 

Pura Vida,


P.S. Art to Frame and I collaborated with some pretty awesome women on these new shelfie prints and we are beyond stoked to see how they styled their shelfies in their homes -- Christina (@southernmesatrading), Abbie (@anaberdesign), and Courtney (@girlandgrey) muchas gracias!!



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