Sand or Snow?

December 18, 2020


I'm not gonna lie, I miss snow. 

More specifically, I miss playing in the snow. Growing up, my brother and I would race sledding down our hill and make bobsled runs in the back yard -- starting from the roof!!!

And I especially miss the way a fresh snowfall makes the world feel like you're living in a magical snow globe.

But most definitely, I don't miss shoveling it!!! 

So with this week's big snowstorm blanketing the Northeast, where I grew up + seeing photos from my friends, I'm kinda missing the snow!

I know, I know...I've got plenty of tropical snow, AKA white sand, to play with here in Costa Rica.  

So how about we throw it back to the last time I saw snow, which was when it snowed in Savannah a couple of years ago? It is very, very rare for it to snow that far south in the US...and let me tell you, it was one magical sight to see palm trees covered in snow!


--> Snow Palms <--

--> Snowvannah <--

--> Savannah Snowday <--

And if you have any snow photos, I'd love to see them! Leave a comment below and send 'em my way pretty please!!!


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P u r a   V i d a,





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