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Is it always sunny in Pura Vidadise? || #FelizFriday 8/3/18

August 03, 2018 2 min read

"Dear Kristen,
What are some the daily conveniences you miss being in Costa Rica?
Is it alway sunny in Pura Vidadise?"

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I get it. With all of my sunset and beach photos, you must be thinking that living in Costa Rica is all breathtaking sunsets and dreamy waves. A lot of the times it is (heck yes!). BUT, I truly believe that no matter where you live, there are always positives and negatives - - because that's just life!! So what are some daily conveniences that I miss when I'm in Costa Rica? 

  1. Amazon Prime
    Ok, not Amazon Prime per se, but when I'm in Costa Rica, I sure do miss being able to order an item online and have it delivered promptly from pretty much any US retailer. Especially because items here in Costa Rica are more expensive and there is not a lot of variety. In other words, you get what you get and you cringe paying for it!

  2. Banks
    Going to the bank in Costa Rica is just painful, whether it be to make a simple deposit, exchange money (P.S. the banks here give you a dismal FX rate!), or to even pay my electricity bill (because I can't pay it online...). I bring a good book to read and expect to be at the bank longer than I planned. AND on the rare occasion that I can get in and out of the bank in less than ten minutes, it's cause for a happy dance celebration! 

  3. Driving
    99% of Costa Rica is two lane roads, and there a lot of dirt roads here in the region of Guanacaste where I'm located. Sooooooo going a simple twenty miles will definitely take you over an hour...especially if you get behind a bus or even worse, a truck or get stuck in construction where one side of the road is closed. AND to top that off, Costa Ricans are known for being bad drivers and don't know proper driving etiquette  -- stop in the middle of the road (That's what shoulders are for!) to drop some one, why not? 

Without a doubt, living in a foreign country for almost seven years (holy moly how fast those years have flown by!) has made me appreciate so many of the small things I easily took for granted. Soooooo now that you've gotten a little glimpse into #It'sNotAlwaysEasyInPuraVidadise , let's chat about the good stuff - - this week's sunsets! Because let's face it, the majority of the time, all you need is love and a good sunset, am I right?! It's time to sit back, relax, enjoy some sunsets, and fall back into your day dream... . 


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