Behind the Scenes: Electric Rainbow and Rainbow Bright


If I told you that I photographed this magical sunset rainbow with my iPhone while driving down the highway in New York last August, would you believe it???

Because it’s definitely true!!!⠀


A powerful sunset thunderstorm had just dropped buckets while I was riding in the car with my dad on the NY State Thruway…and then woahhhhhh! One of the most vibrant rainbows painted the stormy sky. Thankfully my dad was driving, so I unbuckled and hopped in the backseat (shhhh don’t tell anyone!) so I could get a better view of the rainbow from the driver’s side passenger window. As we travelled down the highway at 65mph, every couple of minutes the rainbow and sunset sky evolved…and even lightning cracked from the rainbow! ⠀

Beautiful rainbow sky with lightning striking at sunset. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

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Holy wowwwwwww!!!!! ⠀


And thankfully now with more time to explore my photo archives (thanks ‘Rona!), I found this capture from that one heck of a magical sunset rainbow — my last capture before the rainbow faded back in the clouds. 🌈🌅

Beautiful rainbow sky at sunset. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

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P u r a   V i d a,



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Rita Anschutz
Rita Anschutz

July 10, 2020

That is just beautiful! God made that happen just for us, Kristen!

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