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Dune Ride

You lose yourself in the undulating waves of sand that stretch as far as the eye can see as you explore the dunes with your best friends, human and horse. The dunes come alive beneath your horses' hooves, creating mesmerizing patterns and curves. It's a day you remember forever -- a moment frozen in time, where your joy of riding blends seamlessly with the beauty of nature.

Welcome back to your beach ride daydream, all from the comfort of your home...wherever home may be with "Dune Ride". 


--> "Dune Ride" photo print of equestrians riding their horses through the beach dunes in coastal New England.

--> LIMITED EDITION print size 24"x36" and larger, open edition print size 20"x30" and smaller. Each print comes with a beautiful hand written Certificate of Authenticity. Certificates for edition prints are numbered.

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