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Seize the Day

You know that giddy feeling that you're about to watch a breathtaking sunset?

And that powerful feeling of being surrounded by nature's magic?

I've chased a lot of beautiful sunsets the past couple of years (rule #1...never miss a sunset!), but this sunset will forever be one of my top sunsets that I'll remember. 

It was like a surround sound orchestra playing in the sky, with wispy pastel pink clouds floating like the twinkling of a flute, an electrically vibrant full rainbow booming the percussion, hints of baby blue harmonizing, and a vibrant orange magenta haze conducting the whole symphony.   

When I close my eyes, I still feel surrounded by the electric magic of that special sunset.

And this sunset can surround you with its magic too with "Seize the Day"!


--> "Seize the Day" pink haze sunset at the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

--> LIMITED EDITION print size 24"x36" and larger, open edition print size 20"x30" and smaller. Each print comes with a beautiful hand written Certificate of Authenticity. Certificates for edition prints are numbered. 

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