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What is #NoFilter ?

June 06, 2024 2 min read

Have you ever hear the phrase "#NoFilter" or "No Filter" when someone describes a digital photo?


Well, I'm here to challenge this #NoFilter" meaning!

When you take a digital photo on your phone, your phone is actually already “editing” the image, as it has its own processing settings in the phone software.

I can tell a sunset photo that was captured with an iPhone right away as the sunset sky colors have a certain vibrance to them. In other words, that image taken with the iPhone truly is not an image that has “no filter”. That same goes for every digital image captured, no matter the type of camera or brand.

And if we look at photographs pre-digital that were photographed on film, all of these film photos actually have a “filter”.



Each and every film stock has a different vibe to the film. Photos taken at the exact same time in the same location with a Kodak film will look different than with a Fuji film. And even then, the camera, lens, and the settings on your film camera (shutter speed and aperture) will change up the look and feel of the photograph.

So the takeaway from rebutting this "#NoFilter" bubble?

In my opinion, so much of the magic in digital photography happens during the editing process. Or if you're photographing with film, that magic happens directly with the film stock that is used.

Plus, as individuals, we all see and interpret colors in our own unique way - so we all have our very own "filters" thanks to our eyes!

In other words, #YesFilter. 😎


Now go ahead and click the image below to see how I bring this sunset sky and palm tree photo to life!


Before and after editing of a sunset palm tree photo in Costa Rica. By Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea.


P u r a   V i d a,




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