The Magic of Sunset in Savannah, Georgia || #FelizFriday 4/21/17

Rule Number 1: Never miss a sunset (even if the sky looks a tad bit cloudy).

Rule Number 2: Never leave a sunset early - - because then I would have missed this sunset show over Moon River in Savannah on Wednesday!!!

Wednesday's sunset was definitely one for the sunset books. Even though the sky looked pretty cloudy and my parent's assured me that "there wasn't going to be a sunset", Gidget and I headed down to Moon River for our daily afternoon walk. To be more accurate, Gidget was running after the golf cart I was driving 😂😂 (my fatty pants Chihuahua is currently on a diet after gaining a fat roll from sneaking the neighborhood cat's food!). When we arrived at our secret sunset viewing spot, at first glance it didn't look like the sky was going to pop because of a rather cloudy sky. But, there was a pod of dolphins swimming around in the river and I was beyond stoked to watch them. Gosh, Mother Nature is just so darn cool.


About five minutes after the official sunset time (the sky was too cloudy to see the sun pass over the horizon), I was seconds always from leaving when I realized the sky was about to put on a sunset show. Let's just say I grabbed my camera as fast as I could and started doing a sunset happy dance. 🌅💃🏼📷 . If you pinch / zoom in on the first sunset photo, you'll see one of the dolphins coming up for air on the left side above one of the wood poles. How cool is that?! 

(P.S. gotta love my awkward laugh at the very end of this video!!😂😂😂)

Seriously, pinch me now because I'm still on a sunset high from Wednesday's sunset show!! Not only was the sunset beautiful, it also was magical - - it reminded me that each and every sunset (or sunrise!) is fuel for the soul. I have to admit that more often than not I forget this because watching sunsets is my routine - - it's a healthy habit, but on the other hand it's just that - - a routine. So on this #FelizFriday, I'm ever so thankful for Wednesday's sunset reminding me of the powerful and energizing connection with nature and one another. Or, in the words of @angelasartarea, who left this beautiful comment on my Instagram this week,

"For this world was not meant for one of us alone, but all of us."

Heron fishing in Moon River during sunset in Savannah, Georgia. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.


So for you scrollers, to recap, 

Rule Number 1: Never miss a sunset.
Rule Number 2: Never leave a sunset early.
AND Rule Number 3: Don't listen to my parents' sunset forecast!

Sunset over the marsh and dock in Savannah, Georgia. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

Pura Vida, 

AND if you love these sunsets, come chase sunsets with me + join the #SunsetTribe! You'll receive:

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