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Say adios to Pastel Sunset Season in Costa Rica!

March 24, 2023 1 min read

It's time to say goodbye to Pastel Sunset Season here in Costa Rica. 👋
Pastel Sunset Season?

Pastel Sunset Season (as defined my yours truly 😉) is when there are no clouds in the sky from ~December-March here on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and as a result the sunset leaves this dreamy pastel ombre glow in the sky.

Just like this...
(click the video below)
Pastel sunset season video by Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea.
How beautiful is that ombre glow? 💕🌅

Now have a great weekend, and feel free to OMG over these ombre pastel skies from Costa Rica, Savannah, and beyond!

And P.S. the end of Pastel Sunset Season means my favorite time of year is starting...
Magical Sunset Season!


TLDR --> Pastel Sunset Season = no clouds in the sunset sky season in Costa Rica is ending. No go scroll back up and 😍 the pastel ombre sunset sky photos!
Pura Vida,

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