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Why is January 21st not the best day for sunsets + waves?

January 18, 2019

Why is January 21st not the best day for sunsets + waves?

Guess what?!?! Not only is Monday¬†Martin Luther King Day, it's also my birthday! ūüéČūüéČūüéČ

Now, I'm not one for a big birthday¬†celebration and gifts, but rather a day of dreamy waves ūüĆ䬆and a magical sunset ūüĆÖ. Big surprise there, huh?!¬†

BUT in my¬†six years in Costa Rica¬†during my¬†birthday, January 21st is not the best day on the calendar for beautiful waves or dramatic sunsets. ūüôą


During dry season in Costa Rica, it‚Äôs blue skies and sunny days every single day ‚ÄĒ weeks will go by without a cloud in the sky!! And no clouds = no sunset cloud magic. And for some reason, the north west swells from the winter storms in¬†Alaska like to arrive right after my¬†birthday! Duoh!!! (Well, except for last year...I had a double surf session of birthday waves!)

"Playground" aerial wave print by Samba to the Sea at The Sunset Shop. Image is an aerial photo of a wave breaking during sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
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So if you believe in the woo-woo magic of the universe like I do, will you send some good vibrations out there for waves and a pretty sunset for my birthday on Monday? I totally believe that it can happen, especially because this past week some pretty clouds floated in over the ocean and set the stage for this palm tree sunset magic below. Yep, you better believe that I did a sunset happy dance at the beach! 

Sunset palm tree silhouette sky in Costa Rica. Photographed by Samba to the Sea for The Sunset Shop.

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Pura Vida,

P.S. If you missed last week's #FelizFriday email, did you know I was interviewed on the Salted Spirit Podcast?!¬†I chat about¬†about finding my¬†niche, the power of a positive mindset,¬†keeping my¬†‚Äėbanks,‚Äô balanced, ¬†and how learning the power of money at a young age (thanks mom and dad!) has translated¬†into financial success as an adult. Click here¬†to listen!

Kristen M. Brown on the Salted Spirit Podcast.

What are the waves and sunsets like in January in Costa Rica. By Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea. 

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