I've never seen a rainbow like this one! 🌈

August 16, 2019

I'm about to go a little woo-woo on you, OK?

Last month was a 'lil bumpy, but at the same it also was magical. Yes, yes, I know I like to use the word "magical" quite a bit. But you know what? The more and more I tune into Mother Nature's beauty, the magic of the Universe (or whoever / whatever you believe in), the more magic I seem to find surrounding me, sending me reminders that there's a reason for everything...even those bumps along the road.

What kind of magic you ask? 

Magic as in finding sand dollars on the beach almost every day last month...where there normally aren't sand dollars. Anddddd this jaw dropping rainbow and lightning magic during my NY trip last week.


Be here now, right in this magical moment. Because life is too beautiful to not take a moment to revel in the magical beauty that surrounds us, like this vibrant rainbow painting the sunset sky as lightning cracks. Photo by Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea.

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OK, so you may be rolling your eyes at me and saying, "Really, Kristen?" Or you may be nodding your head and saying, "Yasssssss!"

But you know what?

Last Friday afternoon I started to feel a little blue, and five minutes later that beautiful, jaw-dropping rainbow vibrantly painted the sky...right in the middle of a summer downpour, lightning and thunder included. Seriously, I've never seen rainbow so vibrantly colored, nor lightning cracking right next to a rainbow, and I've seen a lot of them here in Costa Rica during rainy season! And it was just what I needed in that very moment...

A beautiful reminder that you need rain to make a rainbow, that you need to experience those bumps along the road in order to grow. 

Either which way, if you believe in the woo-woo or not, or whichever religion you practice or don't, I believe that life is too beautiful to not take a moment to revel in the magical beauty that surrounds us. To simply be here, right now in this very moment. And to always chose to love, even during the storms.


Pastel pink rain over Miami Beach during sunrise. Photo by Kristen M. Brown of Samba to the Sea.

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P.S. ...

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."  
- Ronald Dahl


Pura Vida,

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